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Leading Wrist Watch Manufacturers in Korea

Christian Mode Co., Limited, is one of the best wrist watch manufacturers in Korea. We commenced our business in 1989 as one of the top wrist watch manufacturers of a wide range of Classic Watches, Wrist Watches, Analog Watches.

Our comprehensive collection of luxury wrist watches cater to the requirements of individuals and companies. As one of the renowned luxury watches manufacturers, our watches are appreciated for fine finishing, contemporary design, aesthetic appeal, and attractive looks. Rooted in Korea, ‘Christian Mode’ leverages upon its exposure to the local market and enjoys the position of the massive sales network of luxury watches in different parts of Korea.

In general, manually produced watches of high quality and a premium price are termed luxury watches. For luxury watch makers, we chose mechanical luxury watches. Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches do not require a battery. Instead, luxury watches are powered by a self-winding or manual winding (automatic) movement.

We are a luxury brand, and among the best wrist watch suppliers, we utilize 25 years of in-depth knowledge, and our factory has the best quality factory in Korea. We are ready to go globally and become one of the world’s best wrist watch manufacturers with accumulated craftsmanship. Additionally, we can provide a large quantity of ready-made watches to meet the e-commerce suppliers’ needs as well.

To cater to our precious clients’ demands, we offer products in varied colors, designs, and other required specifications. With promising conditions, Christian Mode has become one of the most notable wrist watch suppliers in Korea. We deal in 4 brands at 40 POS in Korea as well as overseas in the sprite of sincerity, accuracy, and challenge.

Our sophisticated and sound manufacturing infrastructure facilitates us to supply watches within give time frame without compromising the quality. We have acquired various equipment in our large factory that helps us complete our orders in an efficient and effective manner. We have the services of a knowledgeable and experienced department of quality control (QC). Our QC team keeps a close eye on the production process and on each best watch manufactured to ensure the impeccable quality of our exclusive watches.

Best Luxury Watches Manufacturers

We are among the few quality-focused luxury watches manufacturers in various sectors. By leveraging our in-house quality control facility, Christian Mode undertakes rigorous quality tests at every production stage. Starting from the buying of raw materials till the final inspection of finished products, all the steps are assessed using yardsticks set as per international quality standards. Our final product, i.e., luxury wrist watches, is finalized for deliveries after their confirmation by expert quality inspectors for durability, design, finishing, and size.

To be competitive and remain ahead of other wrist watch manufacturers in achieving complete client satisfaction, we dedicate utmost efforts towards on-time production of bulk orders. To achieve client satisfaction, we have developed a state-of-the-art infrastructural facility having robust departments for designing, production, procurement, quality testing, packing, warehousing, and delivery. Each unit is installed with the latest advanced tools and technologies, machinery, and equipment that ensure timely production and on-time deliveries.

We are luxury watch makers and provides accessories like organizer boxes, as well as rendering professional best watch manufactured to our customers. So far, we have in excess of 300 employees, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. We have R&D Dept., International Sales Dept., Design Dept., Plastic Molding & Injection Dept., Watches Assembling Dept., Silkscreen Dept., and Customer Service Dept. Not only own high-tech watch-making equipment and skilled artisans, but also an excellent management team with innovation and vigor.

After all, a question arises, why Christian Mode? The answer is our customers’ trust. Our capabilities have made us prominent in the industry of wrist watch suppliers in Korea. Leveraging on our high-quality standards, we have become the perfect choice for the clients. A few of the factors that make us a preferred choice are: Competitive price and on-time delivery Satisfied customers and assured delight Dedicated and robust infrastructure workforce Broad distribution network and suitable payment mode Stainless steel: We provide a comfortable stainless steel watch that is easy to adjust to the wrist’s length. Therefore, our luxury business watch is an excellent gift for your friend, family, and yourself.

Largest Luxury Watch Makers

Durable and Accurate: Original quartz movement and battery give accurate timekeeping and long life, certainly the battery is also quickly supplanted. Luminous: Most of our luxury wrist watches use the fluorescent powder that absorbs enough high light before they can glow in the dark. Glow gives you extensive visual experience at night.

Our luxury watches are great for the price. Each watch is beautiful and well-made and looks like a more expensive watch. It will believe you to feel and work well. While cheaper and ordinary watches come with hollow stainless, high-end luxury watches, solid stainless steel could be established and recognized from their weight. Our expensive luxury timepieces are manufactured with precious metals like platinum or gold. However, to compete with other wrist watch suppliers, we provide straps that tend to be lighter in weight.

Luxury wrist watches are supplied with a massively higher and usually a manual effort. Watch manufacturing in Switzerland and Europe lead mostly too much higher costs compared to watch produced in Asia. Among the wrist watch suppliers, our in-house production helps customers with luxury, time to reveal, and depict their style quotient. Moreover, precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) guarantee more value and quality and significantly increase the price of a luxury watch. Also, luxury watches manufacturers restrict production volumes to generate a shortage on the market. It is also an important aspect of achieving a high price. The Internet has inevitably become important for luxury goods, including high-end watches. Because of high transparency, certified dealers, and attractive discounts, the purchase of our luxury watches online is increasingly becoming popular. Volume growth is above the average rate of stationary trade. So, if you are looking for a reliable high-end wrist watch suppliers in Korea, you are in the right place.


Our company, Christian Mode Co. was established in 1989 to manufacture luxury watch brands certified in Korea worldwide. Our luxury watch Brand manufactured by using 25 years of knowledge-as our factory has the best quality and supplies the largest watch manufacturer in Korea.