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How to Choose Diving Wrist Watch for Scuba Divers

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There are lots of aspects to discuss the features of a useful yet good looking diving watch. However, not all wrist watch manufacturers provide the minimum requirements of advanced scuba divers. The question arises, we should pay attention to details while carefully choosing a diving wrist watch?

Even though none of the scuba divers are currently diving without quartz-crystal computer devices. Bringing real diving wrist watches as a secondary control system will give confidence, but it will serve as a lifesaving gear in case of the primary one malfunctioning.

So which criteria to consider while choosing functional, real, and reliable diving chronometer? What functions must they contain to serve all the requirements of diving duties?


The first and vital factor compared to diving computers, they must be mechanical devices. Today most wrist watch suppliers in Korea understand that firmly and hermetically sealed body is a must for diving watches. The body must be made of massively top-quality steel or pure titanium or should not be in multi-pieces.

For the most part, diving watches have a round section thickening ring between their body and spread snap along with screwing. It ought to have considered side insurance to shield from pounding and shock protection.

For such reasons, a few producers have moved clock winder from a weak spot behind digit “3”. For instance, this manufacturing feature is found on Citizen, Ikepod, and Sinn watches. Another valuable material is watches produced using precious stones of antireflective sapphire, which can’t be scratch via coral reeves of frames of sunk boats.

Wrist-watches that contain all the above features can provide water resistance up to 10 atmospheres, i.e., 330 feet. Professional scuba diving watches can sustain extreme hard water pressures. With some models of Sector and TAG Heuer watches, you can dive up to 3280 feet deep!

Sunlight cannot reach the abovementioned depth, so your diving wrist watches need to have bright and significant self-glowing digits. So, you can see the time quickly, even in a very dim light situation. The display should contain markers placed with 5-minutes range and must be seen clearly from less than a foot underwater. The same specs belong to markers and hands.

Keep Tracking

To dive in sea depths, we have to know the daytime and how much relative time passed from the beginning. Therefore, advanced wrist watches for diving ought to have turning bezel with engraved dive time to constrain jumping time and security stops. You must be confident to search for a watch model where the bezel is rotating counter-clockwise and not unidirectional in case of wrong pivoting. The diving time might be less, not more, and maintaining a strategic distance from the possibility of dive over time, which causes decompression sickness.

While buying a new or used diving watches, they must be tested to qualify the following standards:

  • Dial Readability
  • Shock Resistance
  • Antimagnetic behavior
  • Bezel Rotating only anti-clockwise.
  • Reliability of clasp, bracelet, and rim

Last Word

The wrist watches should also remain unaffected by saltwater and temperature swing. With all the conditions mentioned above, the watches must work efficiently. Yes, it makes them harder to manufacture, but it is very worthwhile in comparison to human life.


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